Financial mentoring explained in 10-minute video

  • Jun 26, 2024

  • Written by: Craig Stephen

  • 1 min read

  • 121 words

FinCap is pleased to share with the sector our video guide to financial mentoring.

This short video features four financial mentors from across the motu explaining what they do in their work.

Produced with the support of the New Zealand Banking Association - Te Rangapū Pēke, the video showcases what financial mentors do and the hardships faced by their clients.

This is an introduction to the financial mentoring sector for the Association’s member banks and other organisations. But we feel that this video is also an excellent introduction to the sector for anyone who would like to know more about financial mentoring.

We therefore encourage financial mentoring services to share this on your websites, social media and elsewhere.

Watch it here.



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