FinCap is non-government organisation which supports 200 free financial mentoring services in their work.

We advocate for change in the building financial capability sector to help prevent people from getting into financial hardship in Aotearoa.

Financial mentoring services can help anybody who wants to gain control of their money – with FinCap, you’ve got it together.

Financial mentoring services help people gain control of their finances if they need help with day-to-day money matters like budgeting and debt management.

Our MoneyTalks team offers free, confidential advice by phone, text, email and live chat and can put people in touch with local services for further help from a Financial Mentor.

As an in-service provider, FinCap delivers the necessary training support to financial mentors working in the Building Financial Capability (BFC) sector.

We are committed to ensuring all financial mentors are equipped with the skills, knowledge and support they require to provide safe and effective outcomes for their clients.

To access this training, you will need to be associated with a FinCap-recognised financial mentoring service, either in a volunteer or paid position, so you can be supported by the manager and a supervisor throughout your learning journey.

We provide a strong voice to the budgeting and financial capability sector to communicate advice to government and creditors.

Find a financial mentoring service

For more than 50 years, financial mentoring services have been working with New Zealanders to improve their personal finances. Today there are more than 200 independent organisations that provide free and confidential budgeting advice.

Financial mentors provide more than budgeting. They provide a one-on-one service focusing on empowering people to get control of their money. They work alongside a person, their whānau, building trust and taking into account the complexity of their needs.

If you’re ready to get on top of your finances, or you’d like guidance on planning for the future, get in touch with your local financial mentoring service today.