FinCap is a new entity driven by the public good, acting in the interests of New Zealanders seeking budgeting and financial capability advice.

We provide support to the budgeting and financial capability sector, to enable them to provide the best services possible to New Zealanders by making them stronger and fostering productive relationships.

Te Papa Hou is a FinCap’s online portal and knowledgebase for Financial Mentors.

If you’re a Financial Mentor, visit Te Papa Hou to get access to the latest news, information and resources to support you in the amazing work you do.

A cornerstone of our service is Financial Mentor training. We offer a comprehensive introductory course for new Financial Mentors and regular professional development.

We’re committed to making sure our Financial Mentors are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to provide safe and effective outcomes for clients.

Client Voices is a client management and budgeting application developed specifically for financial mentors to help clients build financial capability.

A cloud-based application, Client Voices is accessible from anywhere in New Zealand and is currently being used by 125 financial capability and budgeting services.

Find a financial capability or budgeting service

For over 50 years, budgeting and financial capability services have been working with New Zealanders to improve their personal finances.

Today there are more than 200 independent organisations that provide free and confidential budgeting advice. A Financial Mentor can help you organise your budget, help you eliminate your debts and plan for the future.

If you’re ready to get on top of your finances, or you’d like guidance on planning for the future, get in touch with your local budgeting / financial capability service today.