Client Voices

A client management system for financial mentoring

Client Voices is a client management and budgeting application developed specifically for financial mentors to help clients build financial capability.

A cloud-based application, Client Voices is accessible from anywhere in New Zealand and is currently being used by 125 financial capability and budgeting services.

Manage client records

Keep an accurate record of clients engaging with your organisation, so that you can keep track of who you’re supporting in your community.

Track your clients’ financial goals

Client Voices has built-in budgeting tools to help you and your client build financial capability. The budget worksheet enables you and your client to establish income and expenses. The debt schedule gives you and your client the ability to keep a record of debts owed, and the power to prioritise them.

Community Education and MoneyMates

Keep records of Community Education and MoneyMates courses your organisation delivers to the community so you know what’s being delivered and who it’s being delivered to.

Manage staff access

Managers can administer staff access and permissions to control which records staff can access within Client Voices.


Run reports on data inputted by  staff. Keep track of client numbers, session numbers, client demographics and debt information. Client Voices also draws MSD accountability measures so you can fulfil your accountability requirements to MSD.

Privacy and security

FinCap is absolutely dedicated to protecting client and service data. Client Voices is built with the highest level security and privacy practices.

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