Client Voices

An affordable client management system for our sector

Client Voices is a client management and budgeting application developed specifically for New Zealand’s budgeting and financial capability sector. Currently 130 organisations choose Client Voices to manage their staff and clients.

A cloud-based application, Client Voices is accessible from anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Manage client records
  • Record client financial situations
  • Record courses you deliver to your community, including MoneyMates
  • Manage staff records
  • Record staff training
  • Run reports on your organisation’s activity and client numbers

BFC Provider Results Dashboards

MSD have partnered with Malatest International to develop BFC Provider Results Dashboards from the data in Client Voices.

The BFC Provider Results Dashboards summarise information about who is being reached by BFC products and what they are achieving. The purpose is to support conversations that enable providers, MSD and FinCap to work together to continuously improve the results achieved with their clients.

The dashboards mainly report findings based on data from the Trust’s Client Voices database.

Dashboards can be provided on a six-monthly basis to providers who wish to receive one and who:

  • are contracted to deliver BFC and its products
  • use the Client Voices database for all of their BFC clients
  • use the BFC Client Outcomes Measurement Tool pre- and post-intervention with every BFC client
  • sign an agreement to share de-identified data from the Client Voices database with Malatest International.

If your organisation is funded by MSD, you can get free access to Client Voices.

Email today to enquire about getting Client Voices for your service.

Technical support

Get access to dozens of support articles to help you make the most out of Client Voices.

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There is nothing in the world like the budgeting and financial capability sector in New Zealand. And Client Voices was developed specifically for this sector of ours, which makes it a very unique application.

Client Voices is the best system currently available to budgeting and financial capability services, but we have a greater vision for what Client Voices withe future.

FinCap is working with Boost to build the next generation of Client Voices.

To find out more about the redevelopment, or to have your say, email