Training for Financial Mentors

​A cornerstone of FinCap’s service is training for budgeting and financial capability services. We offer a comprehensive introductory course for new Financial Mentors and regular professional development courses.

We’re committed to making sure Financial Mentors are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to provide safe and effective outcomes for clients.

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Financial Mentor Introductory Course

There are two options for the delivery of this training, face-to-face or distance learning. When a request for Financial Mentor Introductory Training (FMIT) is received, we normally try to go with the face-to-face option and advertise the training to the services in that area.

For example, a service may need to train three new Financial Mentors. That service can agree to become the hosting service and FinCap will advertise it in the monthly newsletter. An email will also be sent to services in that area to gauge interest.

The minimum number of attendees for a face-to-face training is six, with a maximum of 12.  If we can’t reach the minimum number we can look at the distance learning option.

The FMIT will continue to be delivered in it’s current format until we have completed the re-design.  The re-design is currently under way, with Linley Leong evaluating the current training as part of that process.

Professional Development

FinCap offers a range of professional development modules to enable Financial Mentors continually improve their skills.

Our current suite include:

He Tangata module

This workshop is a collection or techniques and knowledge to be used to understand the differences in people, how they communicate and learn. With this skill set, leaders, managers and financial mentors are enabled to relate to different types of people and how they communicate effectively and plan a pathway with them to improve their lives.

Dealing with challenging behaviours

This workshop will be a collaborative build of ideas, knowledge and strategies. The facilitator (Linley Leong) will guide an investigative approach which will lead to a design of combined whakaaro, then collated into a usable resources for all participating services.

Other training

Conversations about Risk Management, Protection and Insurance

This Professional Development is a new initiative with the insurance council (ICNZ). It upskills financial mentors in planning a discussion with clients around protecting their families and belongings in the future. It will be delivered throughout the regions July – October this year.

This module includes:

  • Risk management and protection
  • Understanding insurance, products and features
  • Fair insurance code
  • Disputes and complaints
  • Insurance terms
  • Researching insurance that fits the client and their needs
  • How to reduce premiums

Strengths-based training

Strengths-based training is still available, and being delivered around the country.

Strengths-based training has been delivered on a number of occasions in conjunction with any scheduled technical training. The reason for this is that the technical training has not yet been re-written in a strengths-based way, and by delivering it at the time of technical training it means that new financial mentors have the opportunity to do it while also being available to any financial mentor who might be wanting to complete it.

Contact to discuss strengths-based training options.