What we do

Our vision

People, whānau and communities living free of hardship.

Our mission

We reduce financial hardship by developing and supporting New Zealand’s free financial mentoring services and advocating for system-level change.

Our strategic goals

  • Develop and support free financial mentoring services to deliver high quality, client-focused outcomes and raise awareness of their value
  • Build the capability and professionalism of financial mentors
  • Lead and contribute to system-level changes to reduce the causes of financial hardship

For more than 50 years, financial mentoring services have been working with New Zealanders to improve their personal finances.

Today there are more than 200 independent organisations that provide free and confidential support. A financial mentor can help you organise your budget, help you eliminate your debts and plan for the future.

We work with these services to build the capability and professionalism of financial mentors and to reduce the causes of financial hardship.

If you’re ready to get on top of your finances, or you’d like guidance on planning for the future, get in touch with your local financial mentoring service today.

FinCap is funded by the Ministry of Social Development as part of their Building Financial Capability initiative.