FinCap has identified opportunities for targeted policy reform that would create better outcomes and greater financial wellbeing for whānau. 

FinCap’s policy team specialises in identifying policy solutions to reduce child poverty and realise effective consumer protections. The team works with financial mentors and wider stakeholders to identify and understand systemic issues challenging the financial wellbeing of whānau in Aotearoa. 

To ensure that the experiences and effective solutions to resolve financial challenges cannot be ignored we: 

  • Make submissions on consultation processes; 
  • Compile our own, or commission, research and data analysis; 
  • Prepare reports; 
  • Alert decision-makers and the public to issues; and 
  • Work directly with industry and government where issues arise. 

Where we have capacity, the policy team can also respond to provide our expertise and insights where relevant opportunities arise. Please contact jake@fincap.org.nz to let us know of an opportunity to provide input.