Client Voices

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Client Voices is a client management tool powered by FinCap, built for financial mentors. It offers financial mentors a user-friendly client management system equipped with essential budgeting tools to support clients in their journey to build financial capability. It simplifies the process of maintaining accurate records of clients and budgeting activities.

Record keeping

With Client Voices, you can store necessary client information, including contact details and demographics, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Budgeting tools

Our budgeting tools are designed to help you record and track your clients’ financial information and budgeting progress. This includes budgeting worksheets to balance income and expenses. And a debt schedule to help keep a record of your client’s outstanding debts, including creditors and repayment commitments.

Statistical Reporting

Client Voices also has a statistical reporting mechanism, enabling you to generate reports for your organisation, governance, funders etc. This feature is crucial for demonstrating the impact of your work. The better your records, the more valuable your insights become.

Community Education and MoneyMates

Record and track your community education efforts, ensuring you have a complete record of your outreach activities. Client Voices also helps you keep track of your MoneyMates program so you can fulfill your reporting requirements.

Appointments and Client No Shows

Manage client appointments and track attendance including no shows.

Get Client Voices for my organisation

We’re committed to accessibility and affordability. Client Voices is provided at no cost to all FinCap-recognised financial mentoring services. Our aim is to empower you to focus on your clients and their financial wellbeing, without the burden of costly software.

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There are over 100 support article to help you make the most of Client Voices on the Client Voices Support site.


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