A Day in the Life

What is ‘A Day in the Life’?

FinCap is running the ‘A Day in the Life’ programme as part of our partnership with New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA).

The aim of this project is to provide senior decision-makers in government, the banking sector and other stakeholders with real insight into the work financial mentors do – and the issues that people face when struggling with bills and debts – by inviting them to spend time with financial mentors as they work; similar programmes operate in Australia.

Any one of us can have a sudden change of circumstances that puts us at risk of difficulty with money. Some in Aotearoa constantly face such challenges. Financial mentors are there to walk alongside anyone facing challenges with money.

Within their work, financial mentors help identify options available for whānau to avoid or address hardship. They can also assist with taking up those options by leading or joining in negotiation with creditors, budgeting, sourcing food parcels, and navigating government processes and everyday money management tools. For many whānau working with a financial mentor, their finances are intertwined with more complex issues in their lives, such as housing, mental health and employment stability. COVID-19 has also significantly impacted whānau in Aotearoa, with many more now accessing assistance for essentials like food, housing and electricity.

This programme elevates the mana of those delivering financial mentoring and gives those experiencing hardship a chance to be heard. We’re also hoping this will offer decision-makers real insight into everyday barriers that whānau in our communities face, and that it will open a dialogue from the decision-makers within their organisations to create real, systemic change.

Visits to services commenced in May 2022 and will continue throughout the next financial year.