Media statement: Budget 2022

FinCap welcomes the Government’s ongoing support for financial mentoring services in Aotearoa.  

The commitment to 21 million dollars (see page 144) over the next two years for financial mentors who are currently funded by the Ministry of Social Development means that these leaders in our communities can continue their amazing mahi. 

The 21 million includes a 14-million-dollar continuation of a previous funding boost announced in 2020 into the 2022/23 financial year.  

FinCap has been raising the need for sustainable funding over the last year so that our nation’s expert financial mentors can continue to walk alongside whānau while they navigate pathways away from hardship.   

A massive thank you to all the financial mentors, who have shared their wonderful work and have illustrated why continued and sustainable funding is so important.  

FinCap will continue to push for ongoing sustainable funding for all financial mentors. Sustainable funding will ensure that these experts not only continue their valuable mahi but continually improve their passionate and professional support for their communities.